Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Australian Girl Doll Knitting

I'm back with some photos of the knitting I've done so far for "The Girls" :)  As much as I love to knit, I'm not very fast, so these days I stick to quick, easy things that grow fast....scarves, baby things or doll's clothes.  I know I have some hope of getting these size projects finished the same year I start them lol

This outfit is knitted in Bendigo Classic 8 ply pure wool. I had this left over from a project I did last year. I love this colour, so decided to make something for one of the dolls. Not sure which one is going to get this point keeping it for Matilda as the hat doesn't fit over her wild hair very well!! The pattern comes from Jac Knits shop on Etsy. Jacqueline has some lovely doll's clothes patterns....well worth checking out her shop. The flower trim is from my stash. I whipped up about 6 pairs of pants & leggings the other night...these black ones are from that sewing session :)

The next outfit is knitted in Vera Moda acrylic 8ply yarn and specialty yarn from Spotlight. I've done a purple set for Kate's doll and the pink set for Amy's doll...their favourite colours. The little panne velvet leggings were one of the first things I made after getting the dolls. It is upcycled from a skirt bought at the local Op Shop (I think that's the same as a thrift shop in the US??) I have to admit I'm not that into Op Shopping (dragged around to too many by my mother when I was growing up!) but thought it would be a good way to get some novelty fabrics at small prices for doll's clothes. I had a win the day I went as they had a 50% off sale...bonus!  The pattern I used for this came from Craftsy and is called Purple Rain Corded Jacket. It's knitted from the top down so there's very little sewing up when finished. How cute are those furry bits :)

.......a close-up of the very cute hat...and that gorgeous little face lol

Modelling these outfits is the other doll in the Australian Girl range, Amy. She's a little darker skinned than her sisters, with long, dark, curly hair....gorgeous!  I caved and bought her too so I could fit back-closure clothes with less hassle (Matilda's hair gets in the way lol). Matilda was very happy to welcome a sister into the house to keep her company :)

I'm going to have to rename this Girl as one of my GDs is called Amy. Can't have a doll named after one and not the other....Kate would be a bit put-out I think!! And I'm not renaming Matilda to Kate!

Anyhow, that's it for this post.....I'll be back soon with some more sewing photos.

Lynne xx


Tracy said...

I've never attempted knitting so I applaud you for your talent. Both sets are wonderful but I have to admit the second one is my fave just because of the furry bits. LOL Kate and Amy sure are lucky to have you. Hugs!

Lysa said...

Hi Lynne,!!!
OMG, I love your new blog. I called Rory to come and look at the dolls. Your Knitting is awesome!! I am so glad you are posting and I will be watching your blog closely for some ideas. Please let us all know how Kate and Amy love their dolls. Does Amy really have to wait for her doll? Great job Lynne, I got so excited with you post I made the whole family (including Poppy) come in to see the dolls. Our family loves all the outfits and we love Matilda. Thanks for putting a smile on our face this Friday night as we just had a full week of 100 degree weather and we are all a bit toasted from the heat. Can't wait to see more of your crafty dolly goodness!