Saturday, 20 July 2013

Australian Girl Doll Nightwear

Here are the photos of the PJs and dressing gowns I've made so far for Emily & Jasmine....Jasmine is the model today :)  She has been packed back into her box as I now have Matilda as my mannequin/model.

Polar fleece dressing gown.......

This is one of the patterns I made from scratch as I couldn't find one that I liked and fitted properly. I've made one each for the dolls in this fabric as I couldn't find any polar fleece at the time that I liked....I had this one in my stash. I have since found some cute fairy design polar fleece so will likely make another dressing gown for each of the girls next year :)

Summer PJs......

The purple set is for Kate's doll, Emily, and is made form upcycled fabric from my buy at the Op Shop....a couple of knit tops I found.....and trimmed with some lace. The pink set is for Amy's doll and is knit fabric from my stash. I've made these from free patterns I found on the web, which I adjusted to fit the Australian Girls :)

And lastly.....Matilda modelling a pair of flannel PJs made from a free pattern in Molly's Pretty Clothes (available as a free download from HERE).......

I love this pattern. It's just like "real" PJs....cuffs on the legs and a sleeve cuff/band....too cute :)  I hadn't sewn the velcro on the front opening when I took this photo, so it's still pinned. The top now has its closure and little buttons just for show.  Isn't Miss Matilda a gorgeous model!!

I had a lovely little buy-up of patterns in Spotlight the other day. They had Simplicity patterns on sale so I bought a few of the patterns for 18" doll's clothes. I've sat and cut all the bits out and am now itching to make something from them.....probably have to alter most of the patterns but it's still faster than building a pattern from scratch!!

I'll be back with some more things soon

Lynne xx

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Tracy said...

I have to say Matilda is my fave too and those PJ's are jammin'! All of the outfits look amazing Lynne. You go girl!!! Hugs!