Sunday, 8 September 2013

Hippie Chick

Hello...I'm back to post some more sewing for the girls. It's been sooo busy here, I'm way behind. AND it's only 17 days until Amy's birthday!!! Better get a move on and do some more sewing.

This little outfit is one of my favourites so far. I'm really pleased with how it turned out. The tunic is modelled on a Kwik Sew pattern I made a few years back. It's hard to see the detailing because the fabric is so dark but the front pockets are shaped, sewn into the side seams and have a space for the belt to pass through. It's made from charcoal ponte de roma that has a gaberdine-type look to it. The leggings, tie belt and t-shirt are made from an upcycled t-shirt I bought on my op-shopping spree. The boots are made from leather look fabric....not that happy with them, I need lots of shoe-making practice!! And for that I need a LOT more free time!

I found this little necklace in the Reject Shop for $3. It is a BF two piece heart and tag set. I shortened the chains and will be giving these to Kate & Amy in their Christmas pressies for their dolls....I thought they were very cute :)

Then I decided to make a bracelet from an earring hoop...and added a little heart charm. I've made one each, with different hearts, so there's no fighting over who belongs to which one!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend
Lynne xx


Lysa said...

Hi Lynne,
You so do not need shoe practice because those boots look perfect! I love this outfit. I think it's my favorite yet. OMG! the jewelry is awesome. I know this is all a labor of love for the grand kids but really if you had a booth at a fair or show you would sell out for sure. Hope all is well on your end. We are all so busy here with back to school. I have been so busy at work too. We still have not ordered a doll but I will keep you posted if we do.

Tracy said...

You are too clever my friend. The jewelry is fantastic and the outfit is awesome. Shoes must be toughies. My daughter has been trying to make some for a costume for her bosses little boy. He's supposed to be Gus from Cinderella. She's having the toughest time with them and I doubt she'll be making any more in the future. LOL Hugs!