Sunday, 25 August 2013

Spring clothes

Hello....I'm so far behind with posting :(  I have a couple more outfits to show you today. These went into Kate's birthday box of clothes for Emily....

The first one is a little pinnie with matching leggings and skivie. The pinnie was made from McCalls 6137....altered to fit our Aus Girls. It's made from pinwale cord that's been in my stash for aaaages! I might only be making little dents in the stash but it's better than nothing :)  The leggings and skivie are a lovely, silky, fine knit.

The top on this outfit is made from an upcycled knit top I never wore (very naughty!). I loved the colours (well, it is green & purple!) but just never liked it on me...I shouldn't have bought it to start with! Oh well, it's made a lovely dolly top. (There's enough to make a number of dolly tops, but we won't think about that!) The fabric is lovely, and easy to sew.  The pattern I used for this is the basic t-shirt pattern I adjusted to fit our a v-neck version. For a bit of interest, I've added a small piece of elastic inside the centre front to gather it. The top closes with velcro at the back.

Here's a close up of the front detail....and that gorgeous little face

The pants are also upcycled fabric from a pair of pants I had...didn't like the fit. Why do things always look okay when you try them in the shop and then look different when you get them home??!!  I think those clothing stores have magic mirrors to fool us! Maybe I need to go and buy one :) Anyhow, the little pants are sewn from Kwik Sew pattern 2878. I love Kwik Sew patterns, they are always what they say they are size-wise. I didn't have to adjust these too much to fit our girls. Hard to see in the photo because they're dark but they have feature pockets at the front with topstitching. They're very cute.

Sage is enjoying her modelling career :) She's a beautiful doll and very whining or complaining, even if I occasionally stab her with a pin...unlike most of the other mannequins I've had to deal with over the years!!

Hopefully I'll be back soon with some more pretties to show you :)

Lynne xx

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