Saturday, 17 August 2013

Winter Warmers

Hello, hello....I'm back with some more photos. Some not so good news first.....Kate broke a bone in her right elbow the other day :(  Of course, it had to be her dominant hand didn't it!! It's in a half plaster cast and sling, so she has weekly visits with the orthopaedic guy for the next few weeks to make sure it stays aligned correctly. Apparently it's the hardest bone to break and because of her age they can't pin it or the growth plate thingy won't keep growing....sheesh....only one of my lot could do this!! We never seem to do things by halves! Anyhow, Amy thinks it's not too bad as she's getting to change Emily for Kate until she can use her arm again :) Emily has been a big hit with both the girls.

This is a little sherpa jacket I made as a test run...along with little ugg boots.

Hmmmm not sure what happened with this photo, it's a bit grainy :(

Matilda is the gorgeous model today. I've made the jacket and ugg boots from suede sherpa fabric found at Spotlight. I haven't put the studs on the jacket yet as I've had a hard time finding some small enough. I love the little ugg boots, they are so cute IRL :) I bought the sherpa fabric in light blue & light pink to make the girls' dolls a matching jacket and boots each. They also have a pair of the brown uggs. I haven't made the blue & pink yet, so they will maybe go in their Christmas present package...or maybe I'll leave them until their next birthdays. No hope of getting the hood over Matilda's mop but it will be fine for the other Girls :)

This is a tracksuit that went in Emily's tub of clothes for Kate's birthday. I really wanted to put a logo or something on the front but didn't get around to it. Might add that along the way. I have some laser transfer paper and also some heat transfer vinyl to do some designs for the doll's clothes....just need more hours in the day!!  The tracky is made in fleece from my stash, with striped ribbon for the trims on the sleeves and pants. Neck & cuffs are ribbing.

I have lots more to blog so I'll be back soon with more photos :)

Lynne xx


Lysa said...

Hi Lynne,
First off so sorry to hear about Kate's arm! Best wishes to her for a speedy recovery. Your jacket and uggs are awesome cute and Matilda looks adorable wearing them. I tell you I smile every time I visit your blog. I find your sewing amazing! I agree there are just not enough hours in the day to get things done.

Tracy said...

Can you make me one of those jackets? hee hee You are amazing woman. Those dolls are gonna when the Best Dressed award. Hope Kate's arm heels quickly. Sorry to be so late in commenting. I'm snowed under with DT work this week. Hugs!