Saturday, 3 August 2013

Kate's Birthday ☺

Kate's birthday has finally arrived...YAY  We went to DDs for the birthday lunch and to give Kate her Emily doll. It was so funny when Kate opened our present...she was speechless for a few minutes!!  I think she was a bit overwhelmed :)  I wanted to post a video but it's going to take a small learning curve for me to work out how to edit the darn thing in the right format to post here, so photos are going to have to suffice for now.

We gave her the doll to open first :)

Then Poppy brought in the tub of clothes and accessories....

Kate was very taken with Emily's little crop-top lol

I bought a little "mobile phone" for the dolls from the Australian Girl Doll shop...they are so cute :)  DD informed Kate that she would be responsible for Emily's phone bills, so she better not let her talk for too long on it....bwahahahahahahahaha

Emily was promptly stripped off and re-dressed....ummmm, not in a combo I would have chosen lol but Kate thought this was pretty hip :)  The headband wasn't actually designed to go on like a sweatband but oh well.  A couple of combos were tried before Kate settled on this one.  I don't think she knew which outfit to try on first :)

Emily modelling Kate's idea of fashion!

And one of Kate, Emily & me.....

I took this photo of the packed tub of clothes, etc before we left for lunch. I bought a tub that is designed to roll under the bed for storage. The house DD & family are living in is lovely, but quite small, so there's not any spare storage room. This way all the doll things will be easily accessible but protected and out of the way. Emily will go back into her box at night and sleep under the bed also, until we can organise something better for her. Amy & Kate share a (small) bedroom, so no room to leave things out.

Amy was very good. We've been telling her constantly that her birthday isn't far away and today is Kate's special day....and that Kate won't get presents on her birthday, so she wouldn't get presents on Kate's birthday. I told her I'd bought two dolls for myself and that if she was very good she could play with one when they came to visit....she wanted to come today of course :)  Kate was lovely and shared Emily with Amy for a while, so I think we'll manage to get through the next 7 weeks without too many hissy fits from Amy :) I think she may be on her best behaviour, just to make sure she gets a doll too!

Anyhow, back to the sewing. I have to get the same number of things made for Amy that I made for Kate...I'm sure there will be counting going on once they both have a doll!!!!  Sometimes having them only 13 months apart is a pain....Amy thinks she should have exactly the same as Kate, even though she's a year younger.....a bit like having twins really!

Be back soon to post the sewing and knitting I haven't managed to blog yet!

Lynne xx


Lysa said...

Hi Lynne,
Oh I wish you could see the smile on my face. What an awesome post this is. The smile on Kate's face is that of shear joy! Thank you so much for sharing Kate's birthday with all of us. I just love the picture of Kate, you and Emily. Every moment you spent making these clothes was well spent! Kate will truly treasure this day and the memory. Send her a Big Happy Birthday Wish from me and let her know her beautiful smile traveled all the way to New Jersey, USA! Blessings to you all,

Chris Lucas said...

So glad Kate love Emily and all the gorgeous clothes you made for her. I think I can totally relate to how excited she would have been to receive her present and to try on all the clothes you made. Brings out the big kid in me LOL. You just put a big smile on my face and I too am glad you shared Kate's birthday with us. Looking forward to the next birthday celebration you've got coming :)

Tracy said...

Judging by that smile I'd say Miss Kate was well pleased. Don't feel bad. I can't figure out the younger generations fashion sense either. LOL Wonderful pic of the two of you. Hugs!

Sammi said...

Oh wow! What a wonderful Grandmother you are!! How precious! LOVING this blog :) You are so clever!