Thursday, 1 August 2013


Hello....I'm back with some more sewing for "The Girls" :)  I'm SO excited....only 2 more sleeps until Kate's birthday....woo hoo...then I won't have to hide the doll things every time they come to visit lol I've asked my DD if it's okay to post a video here of Kate opening her present, so once I sort that bit out (I've never posted a video on Blogger before!) you'll be able to see her reaction :)

Diane Morello on YouTube has some wonderful instructional videos on how to make doll's clothes, shoes and accessories. I subscribed to her channel and get alerts when she posts new videos. Diane is a lovely lady who happily shares her knowledge for free with anyone who's interested....well worth checking out her channel :)

Recently Diane posted a video on how to make a bra for your doll. I'd been thinking about making a crop-top for the girls' dolls as that's what they wear. We've never been big on singlets in our fault I think as I never really liked them! I always thought they were 'men's' clothing when I was growing up. Probably thanks to "Chesty Bonds" advertisements!! Anyhow, I obviously passed this aversion on to my daughter as she's not big on them either. The girls either use a t-shirt as an undergarment, or these days, a crop-top, so I thought I'd make their dolls something similar :)

I made a matching set.....crop-top and knickers.....

Sage is the gorgeous model today :)  I've made the underwear from cotton lycra that's been in my stash for a long time. I made all my grandbabies nighties from this stuff before they were born....the eldest is nearly 14!!  It's the BEST fabric for babies as it's very soft, sturdy and a word COMFY! I'm sure "The Girls" will enjoy wearing it too :)

The edges have been finished with fold-over elastic from my Etsy buy. This stuff is brilliant!! I had to fiddle with the knicker pattern a bit to get them to fit how I liked, but got there in the end. There are a couple of pairs of trial runs that will be okay to use too. I made a pair with lingerie elastic, with a little picot edge, and that works great also, so I might also make a crop-top with that trim when I get around to it.

I haven't photo'd the back view but I've closed the top with velcro. I couldn't find any closures that I liked, that were small enough and the GDs real life crop-tops don't have any closures, they are pull-on....not practical for the velcro it is!

I've been doing a bit more knitting...vests, slippers, etc but I'm a bit behind on the photos. I'll be back to post them when I get organised :)

Lynne xx

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Tracy said...

What wardrobe is complete without undies. LOL I'm sure the girls will appreciate that grandma has covered all the clothing bases. Super job Lynne! Hope the party is lots of fun. Hugs!