Saturday, 27 July 2013

Casual wear

Hello, I'm back with photos of the little jeans and denim jacket I've made. I'm having a blast sewing all these miniature clothes :) The Aus Girls are great to sew for....the clothes aren't small and fiddly, so I can make replica people fashions without too much trouble!

Here's the first pair of jeans....

I used the Liberty Jane Bootleg Jeans pattern for these and adjusted it to fit. I'm not keen on the waistband so with the next pair, I made a different waistband and made the fly open instead of just being for show. It's such a cute pattern :)  It has proper pockets and all the stitching you see on regular people jeans....cute!

This is the revised version, with opening fly and shaped waistband....made in a lighter weight denim. The jacket is from a pattern that comes with the book called Complete Wardrobe for 18" Dolls. It's going to need a lot of adjusting before I make the next one! As you'll see in the next photo, I had to 'tuck' the back to bring it in quite a lot. The pocket flaps need to be smaller also....and the sleeve head is a little too big for the armhole opening. So....when I make the next one, I'll correct all these issues!

The front has been closed with large press-studs, then buttons sewn on for show. 

I've chosen a new name for this doll....formerly known as Amy, she is now Sage :)  I couldn't have one doll named after a granddaughter and not the other. I decided on an "S" name so it still fits in with the now we have....Jasmine, Emily, Matilda, Sage :)  Kate & Amy had a little friend called Sage who moved interstate. They missed her a lot so I thought it would be nice to have a name-sake to come and visit. They can bring Emily & Jasmine (once Amy has her birthday) for playdates with Matilda & Sage :)

It's now 1 week today until Kate's birthday!! I'm so excited. I hope Kate is as excited as I think she'll be, at getting her Emily doll!! I have a few more things I want to get made, so this week every spare minute will be used for making doll clothes. Last night I knitted a little pair of purple slippers with fluffy trim, to go with the dressing gown and PJs....they are so cute. I'll post them once I get the pink ones done for Amy's doll. They were really quick & easy to make :)

Lynne xx


Tracy said...

That is a LOT of detailed stitching! It just amazes me when you talk about adjusting this and that. You're awesome! Hugs!

Chris Lucas said...

You've done a great job with this cute little outfit. I too have used the Liberty Jane Jeans pattern. I made the skinny leg jeans for Belle. I wasn't keen on the waist band either. I used a pair of my old jeans and the denim was a little too heavy so next time I'll use a lighter weight denim.

Lysa said...

Hi Lynne,
I am in love with the denim set. I bought one just like it for work. I thought it was awesome. Sadly I am not allowed to wear it as I was told it falls into the no Jean rule. You are doing such an amazing job with these outfits. You truly are a crafts(wo)men!! We are all as excited as you are for Kate's birthday. I forgot to ask are you getting a trunk for all the clothes? I talked to Sam about getting the Matilda doll for Rory and it looks like we may try to order it sometime soon. Now I am excited to get my hands on that awesome red hair of hers! I will keep you posted. I can't tell you how much I am love'n the clothes you are making. Did you try the mold putty for the shoes yet? I will talk to you soon and let you know how I am progressing with ordering. Talk to you soon,